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Island Print Express, Islandprintexpress.com, Islandprintexpress.biz, IPX-Alameda.com and IPX-Oakland.com will be referred to as IPX from this point on. All services provided by IPX are subject to Terms and Conditions of use. By viewing or using this website, yourself and the entity you represent (collectively hereinafter referred to as "you") agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions as stated below without modification. If for any reason you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions as stated below, please do not access this site.


All orders are paid in full upon pickup for buyers that do not have an account. For large orders a $500 deposit will be made before the order can be processed. For buyers that have account applications processed and approved we can apply up to 60 day terms. Most account terms are only 15days



IPX reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and these changes or additions become effective immediately as they become available on Islandprintexpress.com. IPX does not assume the obligation to notify you of any changes to the Terms and Conditions. You are responsible for reviewing the Terms and Conditions for any changes and continued use of this site constitutes your consent to these changes.


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Copyright laws also pertain to the content you submit to IPX. Unlicensed or misuse of copyrighted material from books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, web content, writers, artists, composers, publishers, and other authors is strictly prohibited. IPX will not assume the responsibility of checking the content of its client's submitted materials for copyright violations. Therefore, IPX will not be held accountable for any illegal use of copyrighted material by its clients.


You, as the buyer, understand and agree that all content/information (including but not limited to text, graphics, information and messages) are the responsibility of the sender of that content/information and not IPX. Furthermore, you are responsible for all information and content that you acquire and/or use from IPX.

In addition, you agree to abide by all rules and regulations pertaining to on-line decency and appropriate and acceptable content. This means that you agree to the following with regards to any product coming from IPX: You will not upload, post or send any content through the IPX service containing adult or child pornography, or anything indecent, lewd, or obscene; material that threatens to kidnap or injure anyone, threatens to damage the reputation of anyone or harm their personal property, threatens to accuse anyone of a crime, threatens to announce that a person has violated a law/s of the United States, or threatens blackmail; encourages or suggests forcible resistance to any law of the United States, insurrection, or treason; includes fraudulent, libelous or hurtful remarks directed at any other person or business; or infringes upon the intellectual property rights of IPX or any other party.

Let it also be known that IPX does not control, mediate, nor certify the legitimacy, accuracy and/or quality of any information or content posted by our customers.

IPX will not be held liable under any conditions or circumstances for any information, content or material that you may find indecent or offensive.

IPX provides services and products only for your personal use and you agree to refrain from using such services and products, as well as messages or correspondences for any unauthorized purposes including but not limited to promotional materials, advertising, spam, or any other form of solicitation.

You must have a registered account and protection of passwords and controlling account access is your responsibility. IPX will not be held responsible for any password or access problems. Furthermore, all orders, actions, etc., placed through your registered account or through an affiliate account email such as: orders@IPX-Alameda.com are your responsibility and not the responsibility of IPX.

IPX reserves the right to remove or refuse any content or information that violates the Terms and Conditions agreement or may otherwise be considered unlawful or objectionable. In addition, you agree that content and or information obtained by IPX may be kept and disclosed if IPX is required to do so by law, or if IPX believes, in good faith, that it is necessary to disclose such content in order to comply with any legal proceeding or processes; uphold or enforce the terms of our services; respond to any claims that the content or information is or may be in violation of the rights of another party; that the content or information may be objectionable or offensive; or that the content/information is necessary to protect the rights or property of the public or IPX in any way.


It is the buyers responsibility to upload properly prepared print files to avoid delaying your order.

CLARITY- Images, designs and artwork must be submitted in CMYK format. IPX cannot be held responsible for any color shift that may occur in conversions to CMYK. Images, designs and artwork must be submitted with a minimum of 300 DPI and CMYK color mode. Customer provided artwork may vary in quality, therefore, IPX cannot be held responsible for pixilated, blurry or distorted images.

BLEED - All artwork must contain print bleeds if the buyer desires their product to be bleed. See our templates section on our website. Files without print bleeds will be printed to the specified size of the product. For those files where text or other important elements within the file is close to the edge IPX will print the product reduced to fit.

FONTS & IMAGES - Files with fonts or missing images will be refused. Please change fonts to outlines wherever possible. Do not send PDF files or other Adobe files with placed images as they may be lost if we are required to resize or impose your project

CARD FILES - Do not send files with your cards front and back within the same file. Front and back must be saved separately.

CLIENT’S WORK - From time to time we use our client’s printed product to place as samples within our stores or to photograph and use on our website as an example of the quality of work we do. IPX does not use the images to sell or redistribute in any way except for self promotion. In most cases this would be highly beneficial to the client that is listed. The samples provided and images on our website act as free publicity for our customers. In cases where customers do not want their work displayed simply e-mail your request to info@islandprintexpress.com


PRINTED SAMPLES ARE A MIX OF IN HOUSE PROMOTIONAL ITEMS AND CUSTOMER PRINTED OVER RUN. At the present time these samples are available to customers who come to our stores. If you would like to have some mailed to you please send your request to info@islandprintexpress.com


Why does my printer at home print the exact color on my screen? There are many variables to go over but the easy thing to know is each printer is different. Your screen is calibrated and attached to your home printer. Your screen and our screens are not the same. This means that the color you see on your screen, is not likely the actual color that will print on our printers. Please request a live proof to approve at the local store. This is not advised for companies with specific Pantone colors and branding literature guidelines. For those customers that are particular on their look and brand and need precise pantone color specs we can still help. Although costly to run, off-set single run orders are available if you give us time. Send your request at islandprintexpress@gmail.com and someone will respond as soon as possible.

DIGITAL PROOFS - IPX cannot be held responsible for matching colors or ink densities on digital proofs approved by customers. Digital proofs are specifically used to help display layout, text accuracy, and image placement and proportion, but not color or density.

LIVE PROOFS – Live proofs can only be printed on various works and are only available for the buyer to approve at their local store. Buyers may only approve a live proof at the store where the job is to be run as the proofs will not match other stores or press run products to do many variables. Live proofs are not available on press run products as it is very costly.

COLOR MACTHING - IPX frequently calibrates their machines and keeps parts in working order with high standards. IPX will make every effort to match the gradient density of each color, and definitely in the right spectrum, however, we cannot be held responsible for the final appearance of a color. The appearance of printed colors may be affected by UV coating, AQ coating, paper brightness, texture, weight and recycled content, therefore, IPX cannot be held responsible for final color appearance. Certain products require printing several other orders along with your own on 1 large sheet. This keeps cost down. On the other hand, shifting colors to match is not possible as it will affect the other orders on a run.


It is the client's responsibility to review the final proof and layout of all orders prior to actual printing. Once the final proof has been confirmed by the client, no further changes can be made to that order. Please review the final proof carefully prior to completing your order. IPX will not accept responsibility for typographical errors, errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, graphics, fonts or content. IPX will not be held responsible for errors in finished product sizes, wrong cuts, or missing or incorrect folds.


TURAROUND TIME STARTS AT THE TIME YOU APPROVE YOUR PROOFS - NOT AT THE TIME YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER. Turnaround times are based on the type of product ordered, quantity, paper options and/or added finishing options. We calculate the turnaround time based on what that product usually takes. This means that we do not guarantee a specific turnaround. Turnaround times on all of our products will vary from 1-2 Business days to 7-10 Business days depending on which printing procedure you decide. See services page.

If your order has added options, turnaround times will increase depending on your option. In most cases quantities over 10k add 3 days, rounded corner adds 3 days, spot UV adds 3 days, specialty stocks add 2 days. If you have a specific in-hands date, you should plan with plenty of time. Rush orders expedite orders, but do not guarantee the time of arrival.


Because of limitations in cutting accuracy, it is not possible to cut every card in the same position. During the cutting process the large blade of the guillotine shifts the cards as it comes down. This shift is very slight and in some cases up to 1/16 of an inch or more off. For this reason, IPX will not be responsible for uneven borders. We recommend not using a border in your design as it is clearly visible if the cards are slightly off. If you require a cleaner than normal cut, you may want to have your cards die cut at an additional cost.


IPX allows customers to cancel orders without fees if they have not already been processed. Cancellation requests may be submitted by e-mail, and we will inform you of any charges depending on the stage of the order.



Customer orders have no re-sale value. Therefore, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If the error was caused by IPX, we will re-print the order at our cost and expedite delivery to try to accommodate any additional wait time. If the error was on the buyers end the buyer is responsible for the cost of the reprint and we cannot expedite any orders without additional rush charges. The product will start a new turnaround time. Depending on the customer projects on hand at that particular time we will try to fit it in to be completed as soon as possible. Any defect/s discovered in your order must be reported to IPX within 10 days of your order’s receipt. All orders must be returned in full to receive a free replacement order.


Our shipment and delivery dates are based upon estimates provided by our shipment suppliers. IPX can not be responsible for delays in shipments due to shipping company delays, international customs issues, weather conditions, holiday schedules or any other circumstances beyond our control. IPX will strive to ensure that all delivery schedules are met in a timely manner. IPX will always try to avoid any delays in production or shipping. However, unexpected production or shipment delays may occur as a result of technical problems or equipment malfunction or failure. Rush charges/fees will be refunded or waived by IPX, where applicable, for a delay caused by technical difficulty. However, order cancellations will not be allowed due to technical difficulty.




Rounded corners are made with a round cornering machine and are not pinpoint accurate. Though most of the time they are mostly uniform, there can be some cards that have slightly different round corners. For perfect round corners, you will need your cards custom die cut.

IPX reserves the right to refuse service to any party for any reason it deems fit.